installations etc. > The Complete Guide To Having Children With Perfect Teeth (edition 1) 2010

mixed media and sound track

Each participant filled a brown paper grocery bag with domestic detritus. Collected materials were sorted by color and participants combined the materials in a subjective aesthetic creating a series of new relationships. The discarded debris of everyday life was re-aligned to imply alternative narratives.

Contributors were recorded discussing their objects and their voices were combined with other sounds to produce a non-literal soundtrack. Their words either augment the story of their ephemera or fabricate another history entirely.

Anthony Mihota
Ashley Emswiller
Bill Bennett
Brittany Olivari
Cliff Maxwell
Darin Webb
Debby Brown
Eliza Quanbeck
Eric Schmidt
Julia Sharpe
Karon Karami
Marshal Burke
Mary Jo Bateman
Mitchell Oliver
Rollin Stanton
Sarah Fletcher
Sarah Palatnik
Song Wood
Susannah Cadwalader
Zack Grasso